Running Minecraft w/ FabricMC + Lithium + Phosphor on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

When I first heard about the the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, I knew I had to self host a Minecraft server. Well, last week I finally received my back-ordered rpi and got to work.

My standard Minecraft setup was either playing the client in single-player mode, with no mods, or paying for a realm just so I could easily play with other people. When figuring out what server I wanted to run, my main objective was to run as close to vanilla as possible. After digging around it seemed to me that the most popular option was papermc. However, I also heard about Lithium, which is a mod within the FabricMC framework. After reading some posts on AdminCraft, I chose to run FabricMC with the Lithium and Phosphor mods. Why? They have lots of performance benefits with the objective of not modifying core Minecraft game mechanics.





Check out my github repo to see an example of the setup I have, so you can run it yourself!